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In this Wiki, you will see all the information about what we are planning and doing. This is a Wiki, so it means that you are free to change anything, so please get involved! Also, if you are not a member yet, please apply in the under "Membership" in the top bar.

About Us

The Education Division of IEEE Student Branch's goal is to promote interest in engineering. We can do many things here, such as organizing competitions and actually doing it. Below is a list of ideas of the things that you may do.
1. Organize Competitions

  • High school, on campus, and inter-universities
  • National and international
  • e.g. Engineering Frosh Design Competition, virtual robot competition, IEEEXtreme 24 hours Programming Competition, outreach activities, etc.

List of Competitions Ideas to be Organized
You might have participated in various competitions when you were in high school or in university. Have you thought of being the one hosting the competition? Here, you can organize competition of any kind of any scale you like. Your competitions could be funded by IEEE and ECE department, as well as any other sources.

2. Technical Project and Research

  • Actually doing the competitions hosted by IEEE, or any other organizations
  • Initiate and involve in projects for various expo, competition, or just for fun
  • Less administrative tasks and more fun
  • e.g. Humanoid Robotics Team, Maker Faire, IEEEXtreme 24 hours Programming Competition, IEEE Student Paper Contest

List of Technical Projects Ideas
Unlike other student teams on campus, you have a lot of freedom and control over what you want to do. As long as you are willing to put your time to it, we will support your project. By being part of IEEE, you will have access to our office (it's not big, but still good to have some working space), getting funded (at least partially) by IEEE and ECE department, and getting help from other students and professors.

The Humanoid Robotics Team is the only project that is in progress right now. The others are simply example competitions that you can do. Many of the IEEE competition are pretty open-ended, and you can win big money with those as well.

3. Other Education Activities and Events

  • Professor and student seminars
  • Technical workshops offered by students or graduate students
  • Certified courses by companies
  • Design and science fair

If you are interested in taking any of these, let us know! This is a good way to practise your interpersonal skills and get to know people in this school and in your field.

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