High School and Campus Competition Organixation

Put your name beside the ideas that you are going to proceed with!

Ideas (apply to both high school and on campus)

  • Arduino robot competition (do something with Arduino)
  • Mini Solar car competition

General Procedures in Organizing Competition

  1. Write down you ideas with as much details as you can (like try to imagine how exactly do you want it to happen)
  2. Post it on the Wiki and let the directors know; gather people to help you running it
  3. Make a budget estimation and send it to the treasurer and director of education
  4. Make rule book, and plan meetings, tutorials, and ways for people to sign up
  5. Book rooms (talk to the director of education), prepare other things like refreshment, awards
  6. Market your event. For example, if it's high school, start calling local high school to see if they are interested. If it's for the university, start making posters, class visits, and Facebook group (these you can ask Marketing team for help as well)
  7. Buy materials, contact media
  8. Run the competition!
  9. Write report to show off your success
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