IEEEXtreme 24 Hour Programming Challenge

Put your name down here if you are interested in competing. Spread the word too.

Each team has to register before October 12!


Competition date: 8pm Friday October 23, 2009 to 8pm Saturday October 24, 2009
Venue should be some place with computers, such as lab.
Must be in groups of three!

Please put your name beside those tasks to indicate that you are taking the job. Tell me if you need help
What we need now:

  1. Find proctors: must be IEEE members of higher grade (non-undergrad) or some professors
  2. Need to book a venue that we can use for 24 hours
  3. Order some refreshment
  4. Send information to the marketing team to market the event

There people said they are interested in either competing or organizing:

  • Cong Wang
  • Garry Ng
  • Stan Bochkarev
  • Zameer Manji
  • Golam Tahrif Bappi

Remember that you need groups of threes!

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