Makers' Corner

This group aims to introduce the new members to the exciting world of electronics and machines. This is a place where you will get hand-on basic electrical, modeling, machining, or even programming experience through doing small, but fun projects.

There are whole bunch of ideas here in Instructables and Makezine.
Please do not be intimidated by the apparent complexity of some project. If you really want to do a project, but have trouble with getting components, some technical concepts, etc, please contact us, start a post in the forum, or just leave a message below on this page. We will do our best to assist you!.

Videos for learning basic electronics
Kelly's Blog
Electronics Engineering Video Blog

Isn't this cool?

You basically make random cool stuffs and show it off there. The Maker Faire happens every summer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Maker Faire is one place that we can go. If you have made something interesting, there is a good chance that IEEE or some sponsors could pay for your trip to the Maker Faire!

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