Professor-Student Seminar

It could be single or series of seminars.
Add more professors here and put your name beside it if you are planning to contact them

List of Professors that we could contact
- Dr. Dana Kulic
- Dr. Steven Waslander

General Procedures for Contacting Professors

  1. Search up on different departments' website to see which professors' research interest you
  2. Email or phone the professors to let them know what you want and book appointment for further discussion
  3. Book room (ask the director of education) and market the event (make posters, contact web development and marketing team)
  4. Get key from Audio-Visual (go to the Dean's office and tell them what you are doing first)
  5. Prepare for other stuffs, like refreshment
  6. Professors do the seminar
  7. Ask audiences for their email if they want to know more about future event
  8. Thanks the professors
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