List of Technical Projects Ideas

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List of Competitions and Events

List of Project Ideas
Here are some ideas if you want to start your own project but don't know what to do. Those ideas are purely ideas. Although some seems very difficult, but if you put your mind to it, you will be able to do it. Plus, there will always be professors, graduate students, or upper years who will be able to help you.

Project Competition Difficulty Time Cost
Solar-powered bicycles IEEE Enterprise, etc xxxx 3 yr ~$1000
Virtual Sumo-bot unknown xx 2yr ~$20
Programming Competition IEEE Xtreme Programming xx N/A ~$50
Robot Soccer Player RoboCup xxxxx 5 yr ~$4000
Multi-functional robotics suit (exoskeleton, weapons, computing) RICC, IEEE Enterprise, etc xxxxx 6 yr ~$6000
Human motion mimicking interface for humanoid robots RICC, IEEE Enterprise, etc xxx 3 yr ~$2500
Self-balancing unicycle IEEE Enterprise, etc xxxx 5 yr ~$3500
Butler Robot Unknown xxx 2yr $2000 to $4000
Virtual reality with haptic devices Unknown xxxx 4yr $800
Car and home security system/robot RICC, IEEE Enterprise, etc. xxxx 3yr $4000
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