CyberMech Competition

Are you one of those people that grow up watching gundams? Ever seen robotic soccer? Robotic cars racing? Robotic sumo-competitions?

This is a chance to build a mech/robot in an ALL 3D environment.

Build a zero gravity fighting arena in space.


Build a full city of tall skyscrapers where robots duke it out until nothing is left standing!


Build a race track filled with explosive traps that will demolish the robotic cars!

Objective of this event is to recruit people together, whether you are a passionate dreamer or just a really hard working programmer or BOTH! We will redefine competitions for robotics to a whole new level. We can build space battles, robotic races in space, and demolition sumo competitions in a virtual 3D environment without any limitations.

What if I told you that all this can be done without spending a dime on equipment or software! Would you be interested? We mainly use Microsoft Robotic Developer Studio, which is free because you're a IEEE subscribed member and a student!


IEEE Computer Society MSDN:

Dream Spark:

Microsoft Robotic Developer Studio is a developer environment extension to Visual Studio that allows programmers to make virtual mech/robots in 3D easily. They got templates for basic 3D structures, like the existing Lego Mindstorms NXT library that can be hacked, modified, or even completely rewritten to your liking. The studio comes with its own 3D environment where programmers can launch their ready made mech/robots to demolish. The basic physics of the environment is already implemented in the templates, but can be set to different values, for example normal gravity is the default value set to the environment, but with a drag of the mouse, you can set it to zero gravity and make your robots float around like in space.

Recruitment Details: ---

Here is the main breakup of the teams, but may branch out to more later on. You can be all!

Innovative Designers

This includes people with passionate minds for designing widgets, 3D artists, planning out scenarios, or design thoroughly thought out games.

Design widgets that are easy to use, read, and just look really cool. The widgets will be used as the interface to control the mech/robot. The Robotic Studio has configuration to will allow the 3D robot to be hooked up to a gaming control, like keypad, joystick, or even PS3 controller.

What's a cool mech/robot to do if it doesn't look cool? I mean after all, this is what grabs most attention. As a 3D artist, you will designing the mesh of the exterior of the robot. You may use programs like, Blender, SoftImage, or SolidWorks to design the mesh and 3D environment.

We need people with innovative ideas for robotic games that have to be planned out carefully with objective, environment, and players. You must be very detailed in your plan. A lot of imagining and thinking involves around when you are a designer. You must be able to run your idea/plan through many scenarios and still say it's possible and fun.

What will I do on the innovative design team of CyberMech?
Come up with ideas and an all written out plan of the objective of mini-games. You must be able to answer questions like: What do you have to do to win the competition? What obstacles stand in the way of the participants of the competition?

Theoretical Realists

For people with more knowledge in physics, engineering and environmental studies. Designing the structure of buildings, mech designers (designing exterior of robots, like armor), and create a realistic 3D natural environment or even a polluted industrial one where cities are filled with metallic junk.

Physics on how things work, move, explode, or/and bend. If we are going to have a robotic battle in the middle of the city and knock down a few tall buildings, we want to know the direction of the pieces of the building to fly and how it should fall if the building is being knocked down instead.

The mechanics of how different components are suppose to move and stick together. How many pieces are necessary to build a fifty story high robotic armor? Ever see the documentary on how they designed the Iron Man suit in the movie; how they designed every small piece of the armor. This is the level of detail that we are aiming to achieve. SolidWorks models can be converted and imported into the Microsoft Robotic Developer Studio, which is the main program will be using.

Environmental specialists that understand how pollution affects our environments, for example the amount of gasoline that will be produced by robotic cars that will be in our 3D environment and how will this affect the surround arenas. How much more gray and darker the color of the sky should be on a battle field where dust and fumes consume most of the territory.

The Programming People

Got skills in programming concurrency?
locks, synchronization, threads, etc…


Got experience in programming IC's?
timers, signals, assembly, etc…


Got knowledge in mechanics?
pulleys, Newton's Force Laws, anatomy of robot, etc…

Still interested? email: moc.liamg|citobortcele.hcem#moc.liamg|citobortcele.hcem OR gro.eeei|nahcwehttam#gro.eeei|nahcwehttam

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